How to Redecorate Your Room for Second Semester!

Welcome back fellow Skyhawks! With winter upon us and cold dreary days ahead, we are looking for ways to brighten up our dorm rooms. After checking the forecast there is snow coming our way so here are some things to do while you’re stuck inside! 

1. Lights – Christmas lights are on sale and its time to string yo strands.

2. Pictures – With one semester done, we know you have cute new pictures with your girlfriends to add to your walls! Check out how your fellow collegiates Baylee and Rachael tastefully arranged their pictures to remember those times they may have forgotten!

3. Arts and Crafts – Go to A.C. Moore and channel your inner Lilly Pulitzer or Van Gough!

4. Magazine cutouts – Find your favorite magazines, cut out some cute pics, and make a fun new collage! Bailey and Lauren creatively decorated their closet doors!

5. Tapestry – If you’re looking to cover that big white wall, look no further than Amazon! Its full of trendy, affordable, and new patterns!


6. Mirrors – Rethink the way you are hanging your mirror! Take a peek at how Meredith, Taylor, JG and Meg creatively hung theirs the same but different!

7. Rearrange furniture – Enhance the feng shui of your living space by moving your bed, desk, and dresser – think BUNK BEDS!

8. New pillows – If your comforter is boring you, one or two new pillows from T.J. Maxx can really change the way you look at your whole room

9. Wall decals – Look for chalkboard or dry erase decals to accessorize your door or blank spaces on your wall!

10. Magnets on your fridge – Find fun and quirky magnets (preferable big ones) to hide all those spilt drinks! 

Make the most out of these next few snow days and try some of these creative ideas!



Annie & Lauren