Happy Christmas!!

Happy Christmas


Ding~Dong October is dead and it’s officially November. Halloweekend is over and I can already feel the change in the seasons! October 31st I was feeling real spooky; I even watched an absolutely terrifying movie – “The Last Shift”. I screamed bloody murder and cried the entire time underneath pillows and blankets. I ran home back to Quincy and locked my door and fell asleep with all of the lights on. But its okay people, I survived the night. But the stroke of midnight marked November 1st; and we all know what that means. It is finally the time of the year that brings me so much joy. So ladies (and gentlemen) ***~~ drummmm roll~~*** take down your spider webs, throw out your pumpkins, eat your candy and put your Halloween costumes in the back of your closet; BECAUSE ITS CHRISTMAS TIME! ITS ONLY THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR. ITS GETTING COLD, IT WILL SNOW SOON. THERE WILL BE SNOWFLAKES, SECRET SANTAS, SNOWMEN, SLEDDING, HOT CHOCOLATE, CANDY CANES, CHRISTMAS TREE SMELLS, SANTA WILL BE COMING, 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS, SNOWBALL FIGHTS, UGLY SWEATERS, GIVING TREES & REINDEER. Like honestly, I can keep going. But hold your horses asswipes; many of you are probably just as excited as I am but I have a damn newsflash for you ALL. You are forgetting a major United States holiday. Does Thanksgiving ring a bell…. Or are we just going to forget turkey day, its not like it’s a day to celebrate how our country first began. Nope, its fine, the pilgrims don’t care. So please for the love of god, lets save November for what it’s meant to be….. THANKSGIVING. Bless up collegiates and save your Christmas spirit and snowflake making for when we come back from Thanksgiving break.