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The Grammys were this past weekend, and it brought a variety of shocking and confusing moments. If you missed the Grammys and have not heard all that happened, here’s what you missed:  

The Host 

Starting off strong, Trevor Noah hosted the Grammys this year and, in most opinions, did a much better job than Jo Koy did a few weeks ago at the Golden Globes. Unlike Koy’s version of hosting, Trevor Noah made jokes which were received well by the crowd. He even went as far as making a slight comment about Jo Koy’s attempt at a joke about Taylor Swift at the Globes, which went over well and won over the crowd early into the awards show. Overall, it seemed as though Trevor was a great choice for the role and made light-hearted jokes that kept the show moving.  

Best Rap Album  

Perhaps one of the most talked about moments from the Grammys was Travis Scott’s loss and who he lost to. Nominated for Best Rap Album, it came as a shock when Travis did not win, and Killer Mike was announced as the winner. As a result of this, viewers and fans took to TikTok to express their frustrations and confusion on who Killer Mike even was. It seems as though many people had never previously heard of him, making it seem impossible that he could win over such a big name as Travis Scott. Following his win of Best Rap Album, Killer Mike was seen being arrested on the way out of the Grammys, which added to the shock of his win and the drama surrounding his name on social media.  

Miley Cyrus’s First Grammy  

It may come as a shock for Hannah Montana lovers, but Miley won her first Grammy this past weekend. Considering her almost twenty years of stardom, mainly consisting of her long music career, it came as a surprise that Miley’s first grammy came so late in her life. During her outstanding live Grammy performance of her song “Flowers,” Miley exclaimed that she had “just won her first Grammy,” which led to the crowd’s eruption and an outpour of love from older Hannah Montana fans everywhere.  

Taylor’s 13th Win  

The last key Grammys moment is Taylor’s 13th Grammy and her announcement of a new album. Leading up to the awards ceremony, fans guessed that Taylor would be announcing Reputation (Taylor’s Version) would be released. The theories surrounding this were plentiful, but after winning her 13th grammy which is her lucky number), Taylor announced that she has a new album coming out called The Tortured Poet’s Department being released on April 19th. While most fans were shocked and happy that there would be a whole new album, others were criticizing Taylor for announcing her album at an awards show which honored everyone, not just her. Overall, the album announcement came as a surprise to all and marked a new era for Taylor. She also won the highest honor of the night, Album of the Year, for her work Midnights, which will be her 14th Grammy to date.  

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