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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stonehill chapter.

Freshman year, I wanted to find an outlet for my creative writing. In high school, I took a journalism class that showed me a different style to present my writing. However, it felt too contained. When I arrived on campus and attended the fall activities fair, I came across the Her Campus table. I asked about the club and what I could write about. 

The beautiful thing the past Her Campus E-board said was that I could write anything. With this, they went into all the various topics like career, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, experiences, and more that Her Campus has to offer their readers. I found myself having a million ideas of what I could write about. It felt like a space where I could fan girl about my favorite things: Taylor Swift, movies, tv shows, and books, without being restricted. 

My favorite part about Her Campus is when people say they follow and read my stories. I will post about my articles on Instagram, and I will have people reply with their own thoughts and encourage my writing. 

Furthermore, being the Senior Editor of Stonehill’s Her Campus Chapter has allowed me to also have a small part in every article that we publish. I get to read and edit every article before it is made true. I get to sprinkle my own touch on each article, and it gives me a reason to read every single one of my members’ articles. It gives me the chance to celebrate all of the powerful and brilliant women in our Chapter. 

From reading everyone’s articles, I have learned about their ideas, lives, and reflections on their own college experiences. I get to rejoice in their successes and relate to their most vulnerable stories. 

As the academic year comes to a close, I remain grateful for all the experience Her Campus has granted me to grow in my creative writing skills outside of writing to complete my English major. 

When graduation arrives, I will proudly wear my pink Her Campus cord around my neck as I reminisce on all the articles and friends I made along the way over my 4 years at Stonehill College.  

With this, I sign off. Thank you to my cheerleaders and Her Campus readers who have been with me along the way. 

Thanks for reading! :)

Marisa Silk

Stonehill '24

Marisa Silk is a senior at Stonehill College studying English and Secondary Education. Marisa is the Stonehill Her Campus Chapter's Senior Editor. Marisa is from Norwood, MA. Her interests include reading, writing, watching tv, and listening to Taylor Swift. After college, Marisa wants to be a high school English teacher, while also writing professionally. Marisa hopes to share her love of reading, writing, television, and experiences with the rest of Her Campus readers.