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With finals just around the corner, it is easy to get overwhelmed and fall into bad studying habits. It is important to remember that in order to be productive, occasional breaks are helpful. Here are some ideas of breaks that will give you the energy to keep studying:

  1. Go for a run or walk- getting your body moving is an awesome way to refocus. With warmer weather and sunshine, spending some time outside in the fresh air will help your brain.
  2. Do some packing- If you still want to be productive, but need a break from studying, take a break by packing some of your clothes or taking decorations down. This is a reminder that the end of school is near, and a productive way of putting the books down.
  3. Get a healthy snack- You might be feeling unmotivated or losing energy, and a good way to refuel is by getting a snack. Not only will you have a break for a few minutes, but healthy snacks can provide energy to get you through until your next break.
  4. Switch study locations- A change of scenery is often helpful when you are putting in a lot of time studying. If you’ve been at the library for two hours and are becoming unproductive, take a walk to the science center and do some work there.
  5. Meet up with a friend-Sometimes a few minutes of talking with a friend can help refresh your brain for more studying. Friends can offer advice and lighten the mood to get you back in the state of mind to study.
Kailey Dodd

Stonehill '21

I am a sophomore Elementary Education and Sociology double major at Stonehill. I am originally from Albany, NY.
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