Fall Books Over Boys!

Fall is the perfect time to cuddle up in your bed with some good snack and a blanket.  If you’re like me and you’ve already binged every show on Netflix and Hulu, you most likely need something to pass those cozy fall days with.  Although reading might sound like extra school work to some, books can actually be as capturing as your favorite Netflix show.  Whether you’re into Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Dexter, or Breaking Bad there’s a book for you! These books are staples in every book lover’s collection and can widen your vocabulary while your cuddling with your body pillow!


Mystery Fans:  

  1. James Patterson (literally all of his books are so good and scary): Women’s Murder Club: The Medical Examiner 
  • An adulterous woman is murdered in the middle of a steamy affair. The woman’s murder club must solve the case, with a courtroom shocker you’ll never see coming.   
  1. Paula Hawkins: The Girl on The Train
  • This book explores the false reality of perfect married couples paired with a chilling kidnapping that shakes Rachel’s entire world.


Vampire Stories:

  1. Stephanie Meyers: The Twilight Saga 
  • This classic series details the trials and tribulations of two lovers whose worlds are at odds. (Jacob is just as hot in words). This series is one you can really sink your teeth into. ;)
  1. Stephen King: ‘Salem’s Lot
  • Writer Ben returns to his hometown to write a new novel, little does he know he is going to encounter a house that is haunted by a series of creepy creatures.


Missing your Summer Fling?:

  1. Emery Lord: The Start of Me and You
  • This light-hearted summer read is centered around Paige’s life after her boyfriend’s death. Although she is struggling to find herself, nee friends and family lead her down this difficult path.
  1. Rainbow Rowl: Eleanor and Park
  • Eleanor has just moved to a new town. Her home life seems to be crumbling around her until she meets Park. Park helps Eleanor find her way through the tough times as she faces family drama and mean girls in high school.
  1. Nicholas Sparks: Safe Haven/ The Longest Ride / The Notebook / Dear John / The Best of Me
  • All these books are classic romantic novels and are just as good, if not better, then their movie remakes!


Wellness Novels:

  1. Sophia A Nelson: The Woman Code 
  • Everyone deals with issues, and this book deals with everyday issues girls deal with. We all need to come together as women and support each other and this book highlights that!  


So, if you find yourself bored this fall season, pick up one of these books and give it a chance!