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Eat this not That Thanksgiving Edition

Indulging on Thanksgiving is a no brainer, but being mindful about what you’re putting on your plate will leave you satisfied without the extra added calories and fat. Here are my tips for foods to load on your plate on Thanksgiving, and those you may want to think twice about.


Main Course

Eat: Turkey. This is not even a question. Turkey is the star of the show on Thanksgiving. Not only that, but the protein in turkey will fill you up, and turkey is also rich in vitamins.

Avoid: Try not to lather on too much gravy, as gravy tends to be high in fat.  Also avoid eating the skin of the meat as this will add lots of saturated fat. Dark meat tends to be higher in calories, but not by too much so if you prefer dark meat over white, go for it!


Side Dishes

Eat: Roasted or Steamed Vegetables. Roasted or steamed vegetables that are seasoned with salt and pepper will save you calories, but still give you many of the benefits of vegetables such as fiber.

Avoid: Vegetable Casseroles. Vegetable casseroles are filled with many extra ingredients, such as butter, cream and fried elements that add lots of extra calories. This also goes for sweet potato casseroles which contain lots of added sugar from added marshmallows, brown sugar and candied pecans. Although it is one of my favorites, it is important to keep in mind how much you are eating and limit your portion of some of the unhealthier options.



Eat: Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie.  Apple pie and pumpkin pie contain fewer ingredients than many other pies, and more natural ingredients that will sure be able to satisfy your sweet tooth, while saving you calories and added sugar.

Avoid: Pecan Pie or Chocolate Cream Pie. Pecan pie and cream pies often contain corn syrup and are very high in calories. Reaching for a slice of pumpkin or apple pie will save you calories and added sugar.


Overall, there are many ways to get the full Thanksgiving experience, without the added calories. If you’re like me it can be hard to resist some dishes, and if that is the case just take a smaller serving. Even if you do indulge a bit too much, Thanksgiving only happens once a year, right?


Kailey Dodd

Stonehill '21

I am a sophomore Elementary Education and Sociology double major at Stonehill. I am originally from Albany, NY.
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