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Thinking its finally time to change your bedroom up? Or maybe you just want to add something small to give your room that extra edge. Either way, here are some cool, yet easy things you can do to make your room that much more aesthetically appealing.


  1. Vines – Now I know what you’re thinking, adding vines in your room is so unoriginal, and you would be correct, but I’m not talking about simply hanging some greenery on one wall with some fairy lights and calling it a day. When I say vines, I mean take a trip to your local craft store, buy some vines or strands of flowers, and get ready to transform your room in a totally not basic way. Take the vines or flowers and drape them across your ceiling (depending on the size of your room, you may need a good number of strands) until the whole ceiling is covered. I recommend not draping them in straight lines, and if you have extra, cut them short and hang them straight down from the ceiling. Hang and drape them using push pins. When you’re done, it’ll look like your sleeping in a forest!
  2. CD’s and Records – Go to a local thrift store and buy a ton of records or CD’s. If you get records, take the records, and put them side by side along one of your walls until the entire wall is covered. You’ll have a sick record wall! If you purchased the CD’s, take them out of their cases and lay them on a table or floor. Grab a hammer and smash the CD’s until you have a bunch of pieces. Put the pieces on your wall, shiny side up. When you’re done, you’ll have a cool reflective mosaic wall!
  3. Poetry wall – This is one of my favorites and is definitely on my to-do list for my own room. Go to a bookstore and get some poetry books that look interesting to you. Go home and read the poems, making note of the ones that you like the best. When you’re done reading them, go back and tear out the ones that you want. I recommend tearing rather than cutting with scissors so that it gives the edges a rough and uneven look. You also want to make sure you’re ripping close to the words, as you don’t want too much empty space. Then tape the poems onto your wall! I prefer them to be turned and more haphazardly placed, but you can put them up more neatly if that’s more your style.
  4. A doodle wall – If you are living in your parent’s house, this is one that you should probably get their permission before executing. Once they give you the okay, go out and get some paint markers, I usually stick to black, but you can do whatever colors you want. Then you doodle! Swirls, dots, planets, lines, whatever you feel like, just have fun with it! This one is also more time consuming, but once it’s done it looks pretty epic. If you’re nervous, you could always do it in pencil first and then trace over it with the paint.
  5. Stickers – Get a bunch of different stickers (my go to is always red bubble) and stick them all over your wall. You can also do this with your furniture, such as the top of your desk, dresser, or nightstand. Some people have a theme, whether it be the stickers are all one color or are all a certain style, but you could also go totally random.
  6. Mix all of them – You could make a poetry-sticker wall for example, or maybe a vine and record ceiling. Adding string lights to any of these ideas would also incorporate another cool element and really make it pop! Happy DIY-ing!
Emma Cianciulli

Stonehill '22

Emma is a senior at Stonehill College, where she is majoring in English. When she isn't at school, Emma enjoys thrift shopping, reading a good book, spending time with her horse, and hanging out with friends. She lives in New Hampshire with her mom and two cats. Her dream job is to be an editor for a fashion magazine.
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