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A Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stonehill chapter.

Being a student-athlete can make college a bit more stressful and challenging to manage, but coronavirus has impacted the time my team can spend together on the field (as well as literally every other aspect of our lives). I’ve had much more free time on my hands this semester, but this week has been pretty jam-packed. I am going to walk you through what a busy day for me looks like amidst balancing college athletics, a social life, and navigating through classes and the chaotic mid-term exams currently taking place. 

Monday, October 5, 2020

10:30 am: I started my day by sleeping until 10:30 and had to even set my alarm to wake up. I always tend to sleep late and as much as I wish I could be a morning person, I have accepted that it will probably never happen.

10:55 am: My roommate and I drove to campus (about a 4-minute drive from our apartment to be exact) and made it to the weight room just in time for lift.

11:00 am: We got some stretching in and did a couple of workout circuits that included squats, dumbbell presses, abs, etc. The gym’s vibe was so quiet and sad because no one was really talking with their masks on and there was no music playing. Overall, 5/10 experience.

11:30 am: My roommate and I left the gym and went to get COVID testing done before we left campus. The line was absurdly long but it went by pretty quick.

11:45 am: The next stop was Back Bay Bagels because their bagels are the absolute best, no cap.

12:00 pm: We returned home to our apartment and I ate my everything bagel toasted with cream cheese. I began to study for my exam that I had at 2:30 in Advanced Corporate Finance and Modeling. I really need to get a good grade because this class is demolishing me right now.

1:00 pm: Had to take a break from studying to attend my virtual Virgin Mary & Femininity class. We have our mid-term exam next class so I actually had to pay attention during it, which is a bit challenging for me.

2:30 pm: Time for my virtual exam in finance. I felt pretty confident with it because it was the first time I actually understood how to do the material. Overall, 9/10 experience.

4:00 pm: I am a TA for Macroeconomics this year and there’s a mid-term exam this week, so I held a TA session to go over the content. I had to review a lot of the stuff we learned last year before holding the Zoom because I honestly didn’t remember much. Hopefully, I didn’t look/sound like a complete idiot!

7:00 pm: Time for lacrosse practice, our coach couldn’t go tonight so it was only an hour long. It is so tough playing in masks though. We did some stickwork, running, and shooting. One of my favorite parts of practice is playing music on our speaker (maybe because it’s on my aux) because it always improves the vibes. 

8:15 pm: After practice, my roommate and I picked up 4 for 4s at Wendy’s for us and our other roommates (how nutritious) and went back to our apartment to shower, eat, and watch the end of the Patriots game, which was a pretty ugly game without Cam Newton.  

9:00 pm: We had a couple of friends over and we played the game “Psych” in the app store. If you don’t have this game, download it now (not a sponsored ad)! I highly recommend it because it is so entertaining and can be hilarious to play with friends.

11:00 pm: Basically I end every night the same; by munching on some snacks (tonight it was Halloween sugar cookies), washing up, and watching TikToks in bed.

I'm Julia and I am from Chelmsford, MA! I am a senior at Stonehill College where I major in finance, minor in economics and entrepreneurship, and am a member of the women's lacrosse team. I enjoy skiing, hiking, music, and hanging out with my friends and family. I also love boats, food, and straight-up having a good time.