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Creative Ideas to Express Gratitude to Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Let’s be honest. At this time last year, we were all miserable in quarantine, unable to socialize with friends, and we probably got a little too sick of our families. During a time of COVID, it was really difficult to focus on the positive things around us. There was no eating out at restaurants, no shopping (besides the grocery store), and no social gatherings. 


Mother’s Day came around, and there was hardly anything we could do to show gratitude towards our moms. So, today I’m going to offer you ways to make this upcoming Mother’s Day extra special for your mom (to make up for last year’s fiasco). With these ideas in mind, you can show her the love & appreciation that she deserves.


  1. Try Out A New Recipe Together - Cooking a meal and baking together is one of my favorite bonding activities to do with my mom. Not only does it strengthen our relationship with each other, but it also brings everyone around the table, sparks conversation, and makes for wonderful memories.


  1. Plan a day of adventure – If your family is anything like mine, then you would know that they are always down for an adventure. One of my mother’s favorite outdoor activities is biking on the Cape Cod Canal, but if your whole family isn’t interested in biking, then you can always try out the Rail Explorers in Rhode Island. It is essentially riding a rail car on tracks, and it comes with a beautiful view. Other ideas include treating her to a spa day, going to a brewery, hiking, or eating at a local restaurant for brunch!


  1. Family Game Night – Everyone loves fun game nights. My mom’s personal favorite game is Yahtzee, but Scrabble, Pictionary, Bananagrams, Sorry, Spoons, Uno, and What Do You Meme are all fun too!


  1. TV Show or Movie Marathon – Sometimes having a slow, lazy day is all that your mom needs in order to relax on her special day. Binge watching Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or Disney+ is always a fun leisure activity for those lazy days. If you are looking for a good laugh, TV shows to I like to watch with my mother are Schitt’s Creek, The Office, and New Girl (but Offspring is her all-time favorite show). If you are in the mood to watch something a little more serious, my mom loves The Handmaid’s Tale, Wentworth, and Breaking Bad. 


  1. Helping with Chores – Actions speak louder than words. As much as our mothers appreciate when we say, “thank you” or “I love you,” helping around the house takes a huge burden off their shoulders and gives them more time to relax and de-stress. 



With this list of ideas, I hope that you all take the time to express gratitude to your mom on her special day. Our mothers do so much to care for us, and now it’s our turn to care for them. 

Julia Hogan

Stonehill '22

Hi everyone! My name is Julia and I’m a junior at Stonehill College, majoring in Marketing & minoring in Graphic Design. I love anything that allows me to explore my creativity, and Her Campus is the perfect platform for me to do that. I hope that by sharing everything I’ve learned, I can inspire you to be creative too! :)
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