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Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day

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February 2nd was National Girls and Women in Sports Day, a day where female athletes, and those who work in the sport world are recognized. All over social media, professional sports teams were praising the efforts of their female employees for all the hard work they do. I have found that this day has become more and more popular over the past few years, because everyone is finally starting to realize how important women are to the sports world. 

Unfortunately, female athletes do not get the same recognition or funding as their male counterparts. We have seen this countless times, most notably with the outspokenness of the US Women’s soccer team about the issue. One of the most recent issues we have seen is with the LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team. They were not allowed to travel to their one competition of the year, which was Nationals. However, they were allowed to dance at football and basketball games. This year, they were finally allowed to compete in Nationals, where they won the National Hip Hop competition. They dance to the song, “Like a Boy” by Ciara, and have been going viral all-over social media. They were able to prove to their school that they should have always been receiving equal funding for their sport. 

I personally want to have a career in sports media, so I love seeing all the female athletes and women working in sports being recognized. There are so many female sports reporters that I look up to, that have become so successful in the sports world. Despite the constant criticism they receive, they are continuing to set the example of how powerful women can be in sports, and be an inspiration for so many.

Caroline Bunnell

Stonehill '24

Caroline Bunnell is a sophomore from Stow, MA. She is a communication major and a minor in journalism. She loves spending time with her family, writing, watching sports, especially the Red Sox. She hopes to have a career in the sports industry, either as a writer or working in public relations.
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