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Campus Cutie – Alana Cotto!

For this weeks campus cutie we have possibly the coolest girl on this campus. I was privileged enough to get an interview with this soon-to-be movie star. Everyone, please put your hands together for, Alana Cotto.


Name: Alana Cotto


Hometown: Sandwich, MA


Grade: Sophomore


Major: International Business

HC: What is your favorite meal at the caf?

AC: Chicken/Shrimp Scampi


HC: Where is your go to place to study on campus?

AC: First floor of the library


HC: What celeb would play you in a movie about yourself?

AC: Lily Collins


HC: If you could marry one person – dead or alive… who would it be?

AC: Liam Hemsworth [Clearly a very smart girl]


HC: What’s you’re favorite food?

AC: Anything chocolate


HC: What’s your favorite genre of music?

AC: Techno or dubstep


HC: What’s your favorite dance move?

AC: The whip [obviously…]


HC: Most embarrassing moment, be honest!

AC: So many, I wouldn’t even know where to begin… [Definitely a lie, shes too perfect]


HC: What’s a fun fact about ya self?

AC: I was in a movie last year. It’s coming out in August and it’s called the Good Kids! [Make sure to keep an eye out]


HC: If you could have any job what would it be?

AC: Talent agent [Ok Alana, could you get any cooler?]


HC: What’s your favorite thing about Stonehill?  

AC: The people…I’ve met some of my best friends here. [Aint she the cutest]


There ya have it Skyhawks. You can catch Alana either balling out in the Spoco, busting in a move in the dance studio, or chillin in her common room with her lovely suitemates. Be sure to say hi to her if you see her around campus, she’ll be famous one day. You heard it here first. JS, signing off. 

Julia Spugnardi

Stonehill '18

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