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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stonehill chapter.

These four fabulous ladies have been a huge part of this years team (along with the past three years). I decided to ask each one of them a couple of questions, to get to know them a little bit more! So without further ado, I introduce Lianna Jordan, Taylor Lester, Michelle Carbone & Cass Squeri!!!



Lianna: LJ/Li

Taylor: T, Riff Raff

Michelle: Meesh

Cass: Cass, Cass Squeri Bro


Do you have any unique hobbies?

Lianna: No

Taylor: DJ Tayylester (explains the hobby)

Michelle: No

Cass: Reading really sad books.


Pre-game ritual?

Lianna: Hang out in the locker room with my teammates listening to pump up music before we head to the field.

Taylor: Eyeblack – I put it on the team in a specific order & always do my own last. I have the same pre game speech for the team & we have a signature Stonehill softball cheer that we do as a team before we get announced.

Michelle: We do individual and team goals for that day.

Cass: KT Rayner braids my hair for every game <3


Do you have any secret talents?

Lianna: No

Taylor: Juggling softballs

Michelle: No

Cass: Honestly… I am good at hula-hooping, like REALLY GOOD.


How do you get pumped up for a game?

Lianna: Listening to music and hanging out with teammates.

Taylor: Locker room pre-game music, being positive and silly with the team during warm ups to stay loose.

Michelle: Try to think about nothing besides the game

Cass: The locker room is the place to be… shot-out to Erin and Kazi for teaching me how to break it down this year.


Favorite memory at Stonehill:

Lianna: My entire sophomore year

Taylor: Florida with our team on spring break every year, it’s the best.

Michelle: All of sophomore year.

Cass: TOO MANY. Probably the 50 Days celebration for the Seniors.


Favorite softball memory:

Lianna: Hitting my first home run

Taylor: (same as above)

Michelle: Playoffs last year

Cass: Beating Bentley this year when Kazi hit a walk-off  3-run homerun!!!!!


Do you have any pet peeves?

Lianna: When Carly (my teammate) chews loudly or gets super close to my face.

Taylor: When my teammates burp in my face… they know I hate it.

Michelle: When people are late.

Cass: People that call TD Garden “the Garden” when they know the real “Garden is Madison Square Garden in NYC. — I COULDN’T AGREE MORE WITH YOU CASS.



Superlatives of the Softball Team


Best dancer:

Lianna: Taylor

Taylor: Kazi & Me

Michelle: Kazi

Cass: Kazi


Best cook:

Lianna: Me

Taylor: Carly & Julia

Michelle: Katie

Cass: Julia



Lianna: Taylor

Taylor: Beth & Michelle

Michelle: Beth

Cass: Beth


Best laugh:

Lianna: Me

Taylor: Erin & Lianna

Michelle: Erin

Cass: Liv


Best sportsmanship:

Lianna: Cass

Taylor: Liv & Taylor W.

Michelle: Olivia

Cass: Taylor


Best style:

Lianna: Michelle

Taylor: Caroline

Michelle: Lianna

Cass: Michelle


Worst driver:

Lianna: Cass

Taylor: Jen & Cass

Michelle: Cass

Cass: Beth


Most likely to win a rap battle:

Lianna: Taylor

Taylor: Sophie & Katie

Michelle: Caroline

Cass: Erin