Campus Celebrities!

DRUM ROLL. I only thought it was appropriate that this week’s campus celebrities were the hottest on campus after their HUGE win this past Tuesday v. St. Mike’s. I had the opportunity to ask the seven upperclassmen some questions relating to themselves, each other, and obviously basketball. So without further ado… I introduce to you, Kelly Martin, Casey McLaughlin, Kate Ross, Samantha Hyslip, Elizabeth Grip, Stacy Madelmayer and Courtney Walsh!!!! (:


Do you guys have any nicknames?

Kelly: Kel, some of the younger girls also call me “Mom”.

Casey: Yes! The forwards call themselves “Bigs”. Kate: Everyone usually just calls me Kate. But, when I was in middle school I asked everyone to call me Ace – it didn’t stick.

Sam: A lot of people call me Sammy.

Izzy: We like to add “y’s” to the end of names! So like Courty & Sammy!

Stacy: I love to call Courtney, Courtsie and there are some other inappropriate nicknames, but I won’t share them with you guys!

Courtney: People call me Court/Courty/Courtsey/Whorty (well only Maty does)!


Do you guys have any unique hobbies?

Kelly: Not really, this isn’t unique but we all love to eat Kate: I really enjoy cooking!

Sam: Ummm no we don’t really have any unique hobbies because we are always playing basketball ;)

Izzy: Court does the arts and crafts club – but I don’t know if that counts. Kelly’s hobby would probably have to be ball handling. Casey and Kate like makeup and shopping. Sam’s hobby is definitely just making sure everyone is always okay and Stacy and I like making up dances for the team.

Stacy: Casey collects makeup! I don’t know if you can consider that a hobby, but other than that it is usually basketball 24/7.

Courtney: Casey loves makeup, Kelly loves basketball, Kate loves pink nail polish, Stacy and Iz lik to dance and Sam likes helping people.



What would you say your favorite game time memory has been – this season?

Kelly: Beating AIC by 2 in the final second at AIC (Sam hit two free throws).

Casey: I would have to say senior night! It was such an amazing night, thanks to my teammates and coaches. Kate: Definitely our last game; because we had to win in order to get into playoffs. We played with so much energy and heart; it was such a fun game to be apart of.

Sam: My favorite memory was having a great team win against St. Mikes that earned us a spot in playoffs!

Izzy: When Sam hit the free throw to win the game at AIC.

Stacy: Definitely when Sam hit the winning free throws at the AIC game. We were tied with seconds to go when a girl from AIC fouled Sam and sent her to the line. Sam hit both free throws and we won the game – Our team acted as if we had just won the lottery, it was so much fun.

Courtney: Sam getting fouled and hitting two free throws to win at AIC


What is your pre-game ritual?

Kelly: Handshakes, singing “Our God”, and praying

Casey: We have handshakes with each other; we listen to music and say a prayer before heading out onto the court. Kate: I have to wear the same pair of spandex and sports bra for every game. And when the National Anthem comes on I can only let myself blink three times. Also when I get to the jump circle I have to tap my right foot feet three times, then my left foot three times, and then both feet three times because my favorite number is three. Ugh.

Sam: As a team, we sing certain songs and say the Our Father before we head out to the court. We also all have handshakes. Personally the only thing I really have to do before a game is brush my teeth. It just makes me feel ready to go and calms my stomach because I am always a little nervous.

Izzy: Getting my ankle taped and chatting with Pete. We usually then review the scout report over and over again and then finally we blast music and dance. And most importantly Shabooooooooooya!!!

Stacy: I kind of just go with the flow. Show up to the locker room, change, heat and get tapped. We then usually jam out to some pump up music with the team while we wait for our first team meeting with our coach. Oh, and Sam braids my hair for every game!

Courtney: We usually listen to music with the team and study the scout. We sing Shabooyah (however you might spell that) and make up new dances for each game, its pretty funny.


What’s your go-to song on your “pump-up” playlist?

Kelly: “Really Really”

Casey: Kate’s playlist Kate: “Ransom: by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie or anything by Travis Scott.

Sam: My go-to song would probably have to be “Get Out of Your Mind” because when we play it we go crazy and it really pumps me up – gets the blood flowing.

Izzy: “Love on Top” by Beyonce

Stacy: “Outta Your Mind” by Lil Jon is a huge hit for our team. We go nuts when we play it in the locker room before games – we flicker the lights and everyone is screaming.

Courtney: It’s always changing, but right now I would have to say probably “It Ain’t Me” by Selena Gomez and Kygo.


Do you guys have any secret talents?

Kelly: I don’t, but Sam does – you have to ask her!

Casey: Maty has an amazing voice Kate: I can sing really well in the shower.

Sam: We don’t really have any secret talents, but Maty and Taylor have really funny dancing abilities

Izzy: Stacy is really good with technology and Sam is good at braiding.

Stacy: Izzy can doodle really well!!

Courtney: I am a really good painter – Well a painter by numbers.


Who is your sport’s aspiration?/Who do you look up to?

Kelly: Larry Bird Kate: I look up to my parents in everything I do.

Sam: I look up to all the people that have played before me and have been through this process… all the alumni and coaches.

Izzy: Kevin Garnet because, he always makes defense important.

Stacy: I have a best friend from home who played at Marist and is actually continuing her career in Ireland. She has always been someone I look up to because she is so determined and hard working; I try to play and work like her everyday.

Courtney: Ray Allen


What is your favorite Disney movie?

Kelly: The Parent Trap Kate: The Little Mermaid

Sam: Beauty and the Beast!!!

Izzy: Finding Nemo

Stacy: The Little Mermaid! I love the beach so I thought it would be amazing to get to be a mermaid; plus some great sing alongs!

Courtney: Tarzan


What kind of sandwich do you think best resembles you?

Kelly: I would have to be a turkey and cheese sandwich, because it’s basic Kate: A large meatball sub with no cheese. I hate cheese.

Sam: An Italian Sub

Izzy: Turkey and ketchup, because I put ketchup on everything.

Stacy: Definitely a buff chick panini

Courtney: A Chicken Caesar Wrap


If you could be a character in Gossip Girl, who would you be?

Kelly: Serena!

Casey: Blake Lively Kate: If I could be a character in Gossip Girl, I would without a doubt be Blair Waldorf.

Sam: I would want to be Eric, because he is so cute and sweet!

Izzy: Serena, for sure!

Stacy: Serena van der Woodsen, just because I would love to be as beautiful as Blake Lively!!

Courtney: I don’t really watch it, but I love Blake Lively (and Ryan Reynolds) so I guess Serena!


Superlatives of the Women’s Basketball Team

(presented by the upperclassmen):



Kelly: Kate

Casey: Izzy! Kate: Tay

Sam: I prefer not to answer this one

Izzy: Stacy

Stacy: Izzy

Courtney: Iz


Best Style:

Kelly: Casey

Casey: Sam Kate: Sam

Sam: Everyone has great style!!

Izzy: Sam

Stacy: Sam

Courtney: Sam


Most likely to brighten someone’s day:

Kelly: Stacy

Casey: Kelly Kate: Stacy

Sam: Stacy

Izzy: Courtney

Stacy: Courtney

Courtney: Iz


Best Dancer:

Kelly: Izzy… I guess????

Casey: Izzy Kate: Maty

Sam: Maty

Izzy: MEEE!!!

Stacy: Can I vote for myself??

Courtney: Iz and Stacy


Worst Driver:

Kelly: KATE

Casey: Kate Kate: Kate (me)

Sam: Kate

Izzy: Kelly

Stacy: Kate

Courtney: Kelly


Most likely to become famous:

Kelly: Courtney

Casey: Stacy Kate: Kate (me… again)

Sam: Kate

Izzy: Kate

Stacy: Kate – for something ridiculous

Courtney: For sure Kate


SO NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP!! The beginning of the girl’s post-season run begins TODAY at 7PM. They will be taking on Southern Connecticut, HERE. IN MERKERT. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot be at this game – I promise you. So bring your pom poms and rest your voice, for you’ll need it. SEE YOU GUYS THERE.


And just a fair warning to all, our spunky point guard Courtney Walsh has officially be cleared and will be playing tonight!!!