Campus Celeb - Jess Moody

Drum rollllll.....this week's Campus Celebrity is the one and only Jess Moody!!! 

We all know how stressful Halloweekend is, and it's safe to say, Jess totally killed it this year! Each night her costumes seemed to get better and better! We had the chance to sit down with Jess to talk about how she did it!

The Basics

Major: Interdisciplinary for Speech Pathology , minor in Communications and Irish Studies

Hometown: Easton, Ma

Favorite animal:  Elephant

Favorite song to sing in the shower: anything by Thomas Rhett

Celeb crush: Chris Pratt

Go-to dance move: Jess claims that she can't dacne, but to her friends she is known for swinging her hips

Favorite meal at the caf:  The black bean burger

The Good Stuff

AS: So Jess, lets get down to business, word on campus is that you ‘won’ Halloween, how are you dealing with the fame?  

JM: I was really shocked! I honestly didn’t know people would like my costumes so much, I really just wanted to find costumes that were cheap! I’m really happy that people liked them!

AS: Halloween is a stressful time for college students, how did you manage to put together 3 flawless costumes?

JM: Well since I’m from Easton, I actually worked for Sodexo here at Stonehill during high school, so I just had it laying around and thought it could be funny.

My Darla costume was really last minute, I love Pixar movies and when I googled Darla it looked really easy, all I needed was a purple shirt and a wire with my hair in pigtails!

My entire house wanted to do Senior Citizens! It was the only night our entire house was able to go out! 

                                                                                               [I think its safe to say all of Phipps won this Halloween]

AS: Do you have any big plans for next years costume?

JM: I haven’t yet – but I should get on it

It needs to be funny, and it needs to top this years!!


In addition to the 3 perfect costumes, Jess only spent $15 on all three nights and hit her personal high of 430 likes on her instagram!!