Campus Celeb - Jean Shea

Campus Celeb – Jean Shea

This week’s campus celeb is none other than…*drum roll please* JEAN SHEA!! As the lead role of As You Like It, this STC star has fame written all over her, and we wanted to know more!

Hometown: Brockton, MA

Major: Arts Administration with a concentration in Theatre Arts

Celeb crush: Matthew Gray Gubler

Fav song to sing in the shower: Party Animal–The Weeknd

Favorite show/musical you’ve ever done: I’m gonna have to go with Anything Goes, it was vv fun.

How did you feel when you got the lead role in As You Like It?: Well I screamed, and my housemates thought I was dying. But it was for a good reason. Because I wasn’t necessarily expecting it. I wasn’t expecting it. I was just staring at the screen and couldn’t stop smiling.

Most embarrassing moment: I’m just an embarrassing person. But probably falling down a flight of stairs in front of a bunch of people.

If you could be anyone for a whole day, who would it be?: Aaron Paul, because he’s a badass.

Favorite meal at the caf: MOZZ STICKS! Always mozz sticks.

Would you rather have hiccups for the rest of your life, or always feel like you have to sneeze but not be able to: I think I’d have to go with feeling like I have to sneeze. Hiccups are the WORST.