Breakfast Bites

Breakfast at school is one of the hardest things to fit into a busy academic schedule but of course, it is the most important! It is so valuable to start your day off with the right nutrients and enough energy so you can make it through morning classes.

During the week, it can be hard to grab breakfast as you rush off to class, but take the time to explore the different options (they're totally worth it)!

The Commons always offers its yogurt and oatmeal bar, where you have your choice of fruit, granola, syrup, and more fun add-ons. If you're in the mood for eggs, you can order a custom egg sandwich or even an omelet. They also serve pancakes and waffles for a treat! If you're looking for a more basic breakfast, the Commons also offers bagels and a whole array of cereals. A perk of breakfast at the Commons is also having brunch on Saturdays and Sundays! Brunch is usually open until 1 pm and is highly recommended by other students.


Although there are great options to eat for breakfast at the dining hall, some students still find it difficult to eat a nutritional breakfast, especially if they don't have time to sit down for the meal. 

Instead of going to class on an empty stomach, here are some ideas as to what you could have for breakfast on the go!

  • Breakfast Shake

Breakfast shakes are some of the easiest options in the morning. In a cup, you can mix together a cup of milk and a Carnation's Breakfast Essentials' powder drink mix and have your breakfast ready in less than a minute. With very little preparation, the drink mix provides many vitamins and proteins that will help kickstart your morning. 

  • Rice cakes

Rice cakes may have a dull flavor by themselves, but there are so many fun ways to dress them up and make the snack a filling breakfast. You can spread peanut or almond butter on the rice cake with your choice of sliced fruit (I prefer apples or bananas) and are all set for a nutritious breakfast! The rice cakes are a better alternative to bread as they provide more whole grains and fewer calories. The peanut or almond butter also will fuel your body with protein to drive you through your morning. Plus, you get a serving of fruit added on top, making this the ultimate triple threat breakfast

  • Apple and nuts

Another suggestion is to grab an apple and a handful of nuts! Apples are very rich in antioxidants and fibers plus eating one in the morning is said to boost your metabolism ( Nuts are small and easy to munch on as you hurry to class and provide enough protein to hold your hunger over until your next snacking opportunity. 

  • KIND breakfast bars

KIND offers many different organic granola bars, one being a breakfast substitute. These soft baked bars are the perfect choice for a quick and easy breakfast, providing an entire serving of whole grains. You can buy regular breakfast bars or ones with an added 8 grams of protein. The bars are offered in a variety of flavors, including dark chocolate cocoa, honey oat, peanut butter, blueberry almond, almond butter, and maple cinnamon.