Blood Drive TODAY!

Do you want to save a life but just don’t know how? You’re in luck because fortunately I do! In less than a week, there will be a blood drive and stem cell drive on our very campus… amazing… RIGHT!? That’s what I thought. Now that you are all super excited, here are the details.

Blood Drive:

          Where: Alumni Hall

          Date: TODAY October 5, 2015

          Time: 10am-3pm

          What does this require? – at least an hour of your day

Stem Cell:

            Where: Lower Commons

            Date: TODAY October 5, 2015

            Time: 10am-3pm

            What do I have to do? – A cheek swab!

If you are interested, look for a sign up table in the lower commons the next couple of days to secure an appointment with a doctor – if not just show up, and there might still be room for walk-in appointments. However there are a couple of “no-no’s” for donating blood:

·      You cannot have donated within the past 56 days

·      You cannot weight less than 110 pounds

·      You cannot have travelled to a third-world country within the past year

·      You cannot have gotten a tattoo within the past year

·      You cannot have gotten a piercing within the past six months.

The Be The Match Registry is looking for as many swabs as possible so; when one signs up for the Be The Match Registry, you must be 100% sure that you would be willing to donate your stem cells if you get a match. For you you don’t want to give a patient false hope – that would just be down right rude! It’s also important to note that you will be in this registry until you’re an old fart (61 years old)! However at the same time, it is very possible that you will never get that call to help someone out.

So please, do your part and donate what you can, and what you feel most comfortable doing! Can’t wait to see you on Monday!