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Advice for Transfer Students from a Transfer Student

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stonehill chapter.

For any student, beginning the new semester is a daunting, yet an exciting time to start fresh in all aspects of college life. But for those transferring, this time can spark much more emotion, whether it be anticipation or apprehension. The process of choosing to transfer from one institution to another can be overwhelming when choosing what school seems like the right fit for one’s personality and academic journey. The following serves as advice for students looking to transfer colleges from the perspective of a student that has experienced the journey herself!

The first step to transferring is just finding the college that is right for you; this step is arguably the most important step as you are getting a second chance to dig deep and find the institution right for you. It can be an overwhelming time carrying the stress of the first institution not being the right fit, but this step is all about choosing a school which matches your personality type. This may include: looking into how many students attend the school, the morals and admirations the school withholds, and even hearing from other students experiences at the school. 

Feeling like an important member of the community and within academics is another aspect of a college to explore as a transfer student. Understanding the student-to-professor relationship, and not just feeling like a number, but as an essential student to the development and quality of outcomes in the classroom and the school community. Having connections is significant to success in college, and you may not even understand how important that is until you transfer to an institution that values this concept deeply.

Join everything! Although this may be something everyone says when coming to college, it is that much more important as a transfer student. Whether it be clubs, sports, or even applying for a job, join anything that is available of interest to meet as many people as possible. Joining things of interest will ultimately make finding people similar to you that much more likely. Join as much as you can, and see what sticks! There is no harm in putting yourself out there and meeting others; it will only help you form more real connections. 

I am a second semester freshman who transferred to Stonehill College. As a student who came from a large institution to a smaller institution, I find myself seeing the perks of my transfer decision; I am very happy at Stonehill. Although the previous institution I attended was a wonderful school, I did not feel as if my personality fit the college, and I knew I needed to make a decision to change my environment. Before coming to Stonehill, I utilized the help of family and friends, along with alumni and students who attend Stonehill, to really see if this is the school for me, and it is! I find myself having meaningful connections with my professors and faculty within the short time I have already been here; nobody lets you slip through the cracks, which is important to my academic morals. Stonehill College is an environment that I have been able to thrive in.  

Overall, the transfer process can be overwhelming; going from one school to the next and starting over is not easy, but it can be the right choice in the end. By following the advice from my family, friends, and faculty and have allowed me to feel genuinely fulfilled in my transfer process.

Isabelle O'Connell is a freshman at Stonehill college majoring in Health Science and minoring in Speech Language Pathology. Isabelle is in the Stonehill College HER Campus Chapter as a staff writer. Isabelle is from Walpole, MA. Her interests include spending time with family and friends, reading and writing, baking, and going to the beach. After college, Isabelle hopes to become an Occupational Therapist or Speech Language Pathologist.