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Acne Tips: Questions to Ask Yourself to Figure Out Why You Are Breaking Out

Hello! I know how difficult getting acne can be, especially this year when so many are experiencing maskne. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself if you want to investigate why you are breaking out?


*Disclaimer: I am not a skin expert


  1. Have you worn the same mask for many days without changing it or washing it?: Make sure you are frequently changing your masks. A good tip is to buy at least 7 reusable masks that way you have one for every day of the week. Then at the end of the week wash them all.
  2. Have you changed your pillowcase recently?: Make sure you change your pillowcase once a week to prevent acne.
  3. Have you switched anything in your skincare routine or makeup routine?: Certain ingredients in makeup products and skincare products can clog some peoples’ pores, which will cause acne. If you think this is the problem, look for products labeled ‘non-comedogenic’, which are not pore-clogging.
  4. Are you removing your makeup effectively at night?: It is very important to remove your makeup properly at night. If you aren’t removing well, then you will be sleeping in leftover makeup which won’t be good for your skin. I recommend a double cleanse, which consists of an oil/balm cleanser first and then followed by a foam or gel cleanser. I find this most effective in removing makeup.
  5. Are you about to get your period?: If you are about to get your period, it is extremely common to get acne a week before and throughout your period.


This list is not an all-inclusive list of reasons why you might be experiencing acne. This list is simply a place to start your investigation. I hope this helps!

Samantha Conti

Stonehill '22

Student at Stonehill College.
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