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Merriam-Webster Dictionary provides the definition of country music as “a genre of popular vocal music derived from or imitating the folk style of the Southern U.S. or Western Cowboy” (Merriam-Webster). Since the 1920s, when this genre was first produced, it has proceeded to become more widespread and now consists of many different interpretations. I have grown up listening to country music and rarely like to stray too far from it because of the way it makes me feel and reminds me of home. Home to me is a small, one stop light town, on top of a beautiful mountain with lots of land. How can I listen and connect to any music other than country? Country music to me, should tell a story and make you want to sing out loud wherever you may be or even give a little dance. There is so much to find and explore with this genre, all the feelings and so many different powerful stories, silly stories, and real stories. Now that you may have a glimpse into what I am listening to when I am in the car, in my room, at the gym, with my friends… okay so anywhere, here are some of my favorite artists and songs this month! As it seems to change weekly who I decide to listen to on repeat, this is an everchanging and evolving list!

Cody Johnson 

Just last month I was able to go to a Cody Johnson concert with my roommate (and best friend!) and it was so amazing. He is so talented and writes songs that are true, original country, that being that they are powerful and carry a lot of meaning. Cody Johnson is a real cowboy, has a family, and is a great performer, I mean what is not to like about him? While I love all his songs, my favorite songs by him are “Me and My Kind,” “Human,” “Monday Morning Merle,” “Work Boots,” and “Long-Haired Country Boy.”  

Drake Milligan 

This man is a new artist to me and a new favorite. He opened the concert for Cody Johnson, and since then my roommate and I have not stopped listening to him. He loves to have a good time and his songs are so much fun. My favorites by him are “Hating Everything She Tries On,” “I Got a Problem,” and “Sounds Like Something I’d Do.” 

Chris Stapleton 

This artist is an all-time favorite of mine and one that I have been listening to recently. I really love his voice and the slow vibe of his music. “A Simple Song,” “Nashville Tn,” “Tennessee Whiskey,” and “What Are You Listening To?” are some of my favorites by him.

George Strait 

George Strait is an oldie, but a goodie. I have been back to the foundation of country music by listening to this great and popular name. “How Bout Them Cowgirls,” “Give It Away,” and “God and Country Music” are his songs that I have recently been listening to the most!

Randall King 

Another new artist on my playlists is Randall King. His songs make me want to dance and just sing out loud like no one is around, if I am being very honest. I love the songs “Damn You Look Good,” “You in a Honky Tonk,” and “When My Baby’s in Boots.”

Happy listening!

Chloe Hannan

Stonehill '25

Chloe Hannan is a junior at Stonehill College and is from Kent, Connecticut. She is majoring in Business Management and minoring in Entrepreneurship. She loves to read, write, bake, workout, and spend time with her family.