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6 Signs of When You Know Youre in a Toxic Relationship

Let’s be real ladies: we all know that one person (or maybe we are that person) who is in a no good relationship. Sometimes it takes a while to realize you’re in a toxic relationship, so here are six red flags that get you out of that damn relationship


  1. You aren’t sending “you up” texts anymore

If you find yourself drunk texting your boo thing and calling him a fat f**k or maybe you’re not drunk texting him at all, it may mean things are getting a little rocky between you guys. We all know drunk words are sober thoughts, so if you aren’t getting along or he’s not on your mind when you’re drinking there could be some problems.


2. You find yourself thinking about other people

If you are constantly thinking about another mans instead of your boyfriend that is a clear sign that you may not be fully committed to the relationship anymore. The longer you convince yourself you are still happy the cuter that boy who sits next to you in class is gonna look.


3. He makes you change the way you act

If you were the life of the party coming into college and your bf somehow convinces you not to drink once you get to college, it’s probably time to end it. Don’t let a dumb boy ruin your 4 short years of college…LIVE IT UP!


4. If he makes you feel bad about making new friends

If your man is mad at you for making new friends, whether they are guys or girls, it is time to move on. You need to be able to branch out and make new friends without some jealous a**hole in your ear.


5. You break up at least once a week

There’s always that one couple that breaks up at least 400 times a week only to get back together that same damn night. Coming from someone who was that couple, don’t be that couple… they’re the f**king worst.


6. You aren’t happy but you’re scared to be alone

This is the scariest part of a breakup, but trust me being single and alone is TEN TIMES BETTER than being in a miserable relationship. There is no one to tell you how much to drink, what to wear, or any other bullsh*t. Go out, have fun, and do your own thing.



So if after reading this you seem to be checking off all these red flags….

Elizabeth Nerger

Stonehill '20

Health science major with a minor in healthcare administration, member of Stonehill Women's Soccer
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