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5 Tips to Improve an Interview

It’s that time of year again! Time to start balancing your time with homework and a serious job/internship hunt. The months between February to April hold the deadlines for almost all internship applications and interviews. We understand the stress and pressure that comes with applying for jobs and interviewing with several different companies so we want to make things a bit easier! Here are some tips to keep in mind when preparing for an interview. 

1. Do your research! Before each interview head to the company’s website and learn about their corporate environment. If you want to go above and beyond research the person who will be conducting your interview to learn some personal facts that could help you connect with them! 

2. Clean up social media! Companies have the ability to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. so you should definitely make sure your pages look professional and inviting.

3. Bring extra copies of your resume! You never know if there will be more than one interviewer, so be prepared and come in with multiple copies of your resume to hand out.

4. Dress appropriately! Companies want to hire students who dress respectfully. Dressing well shows you want to be successful and that you care about the company’s reputation. Keep your Saturday night attire seperate from your corporate wear. 

5. Be Timely! Being late to an interview shows that you don’t care about being hired. Show the company you are enthusiastic about the position by showing up 15 minutes early. 


Interviews are stressful, but with the right knowledge and confidence they can be a little bit easier! Good luck to everyone applying for a summer position! 


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