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10 Things I Hate About You Julia Stiles Heath Ledger
10 Things I Hate About You Julia Stiles Heath Ledger
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10 Things I Love About “10 Things I Hate About You”: Celebrating 25 Years

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The hit-movie 10 Things I Hate About You came out on March 31, 1999. 25 years later, it still holds as one of the best in both the teen and romcom genres. 

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, I am going to list 10 things I love about this film: 

  1. A Shakespeare adaptation

10 Things I Hate About You is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play The Taming of the Shrew, reimagining the classic tale within a contemporary high school setting with clever parallels to the original story. I love how this movie connects young audiences with Shakespeare. 

2. The 1999 aesthetic 

The film captures the essence of the late 1990s with its fashion, music, and overall style, providing a nostalgic trip for viewers while also establishing a unique atmosphere for the story. I always wanted Kat’s outfits, especially from the scene where she reads her poem. 

3. The Shrew herself 

Kat Stratford, portrayed by Julia Stiles, is a standout character known for her intelligence, wit, and defiance of traditional gender roles, making her a compelling and relatable protagonist.

4. The use of color theory

The film’s use of color, particularly in costuming and set design, adds depth to the storytelling, conveying mood, character traits, and thematic elements through visual cues and symbolism. You’ll notice that Kat wears more greens, blues, and blacks, and Bianca wears more pinks, reds, and whites. The cool tones vs. the warm tones show their contrast in personalities; Bianca’s colors represent passion, sweetness, innocence, and femininity, which Kat’s colors oppose. 

5. Discourse on gender politics

10 Things I Hate About You addresses issues of gender inequality and stereotypes, sparking conversations about feminism, agency, and empowerment, particularly through Kat’s character arc. Some traits used to describe women as “shrews,” like assertiveness, sharp-tongued, and tempestuous, are actually qualities that should be viewed with a positive connotation (especially when it comes to Kat, who deep down has the biggest heart). 

6. The romance 

The film delivers a heartwarming and believable romance between Kat and Patrick, played by Heath Ledger, filled with moments of genuine connection, vulnerability, and growth. I always love the “dating-for-a-bet” trope, especially in cases like this story because Kat and Patrick’s connection is actually genuine.  

7. The comedy

With its sharp dialogue, witty banter, and situational humor, 10 Things I Hate About You provides plenty of laughs throughout, balancing the more serious themes with light-hearted moments. The writers of this film translated Shakespeare comedy perfectly! Kat has some of the best one-liners.  

8. Heath Ledger’s Serenade 

Heath Ledger’s iconic performance of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” stands as one of the film’s most memorable and iconic scenes, showcasing his charisma, charm, and musical talent. However, I do have to admit that if I were in this universe, I would definitely fall for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 

9. The clichés

While the film incorporates familiar romantic comedy tropes such as the fake relationship turning real and memorable high school events like paintball fights and dances, it does so with a fresh and engaging spin that feels authentic and enjoyable. I hate the way [I don’t hate these cliches], not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

10.Kat’s poem 

Kat’s emotional and heartfelt poem, delivered at the film’s climax, encapsulates the central themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and love, leaving a lasting impact on both the characters and the audience. Also, Julia Stiles’ reading and delivery of the poem is so authentic that I am going to forget the fact that the assignment was a sonnet, which this poem is just not. 

Kaitlyn DaCosta

Stonehill '24

Kaitlyn DaCosta is a senior studying Secondary Education and English. She enjoys, reading, writing, singing, and watching movies with friends. Kaitlyn has aspirations to be a middle school English teacher where she can share her love for reading and writing.