10 Things I learned About Trying to be Healthy on Campus


  1. It’s hard and that’s OK. On top of having a full course load, many students have limited time between extra curriculars, clubs, sports and studying. It’s hard to make time for exercise.  
  2. Eating healthy, picking the right foods can be hard but they are healthy alternatives available. Dining halls offer vegetarian options, salad bars have many choices and institutions are constantly thinking of healthier alternatives for all students.
  3. Starving yourself between classes doesn’t work. The longer you go without eating the hungrier you become and are more likely to overeat once you do eat.
  4. Packing snacks on busy days. When you have a busy schedule it’s hard to stop at the dining hall and get a proper meal but supplementing with  healthier snacks like granola bars, protein shakes, fruit etc. can help hold you over until you can get a proper meal.
  5. Developing a Schedule helps. Keeping a planner of your school responsibilities helps keep you organized, so why not do the same for exercise. Pick a time of day or days of the week where you can a lot time to exercise.
  6. Exercise has mental benefits too. Exercising releases endorphins which make you happy. Exercising can help relieve stress along with symptoms of depression and anxiety. So next time you’re feeling down, go for a quick walk!
  7. IT’S OK TO REST. REST days are good, they mean you are taking care of your body and on these days you can get ahead of homework, study for an exam, or manage some other priorities.  By allowing your body to recover on one day, you’ll be able to have a better workout the next day.
  8. Find what you LOVE. There are so many types of exercise, you’re guaranteed to like at least some kind. Whether it be going for a walk, participating in group fitness or sports, or watching a show on the stationary bike. There are so many options!
  9. Find A Buddy. Finding someone who has similar exercise interests that you do can be fun! It can turn that dreaded gym day into a quick gossip session or a fun competition between one another. This gym buddy can even be somebody who you just walk to the gym with and then go your separate ways once you’re there. Whatever works!
  10. You don’t have to eat healthy all the time. Everything is ok in moderation, food is proven to make people happy so why not go get ice cream with friends, go out to dinner or order that pizza on a Saturday night! Food is meant to be enjoyed and that’s ok!