Twitter Shuts Down Vine

Before I begin, I would like to take a virtual six second moment of silence. In the near future, we will lose a dear friend, a confidant: Vine. Due to the loss of traction and popularity, Twitter has decided to let Vine go. The mobile app will be running for a bit to allow users to download their content and beloved videos. Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube have proven to be worthy opponents. I know, I know…it would be nice to have them all.

In 2009, Vine gained immediate and devoted users once the app was released. Creative content and hilarious moments were capture in six second increments, catapulting the careers of many. Vine has provided jobs and strong futures for numerous entertainers who are now gaining exposure that last so much longer than a quick clip. We have all been guilty of snickering into the late hours of the night, singing along with amazing vocalists and dropping our jaws at the innovative ideas of users. Whatever the fix, Vine was there to guide you through it.

Twitter’s decision to shut down the app has led us to reflect on our guilty pleasures on Vine. There are some jokes your bestie wouldn’t understand but somewhere there is a person chuckling with you. While there are some rumors that the app might be resurrected, waiting around to see is risky! Take a moment, laugh and relax as you watch our favorite clips from Vine while you still can!