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Popular Mobile Game Pokémon GO Hits Stockton University

Pokémon GO, the latest mobile gaming craze, allows players to create their own, unique Pokémon trainer avatar and begin catching Pokémon in their surroundings. Players can then use their captured Pokémon to battle in Gyms against other trainers and visit Pokéstops to gain items. Pokémon, a media franchise focusing on fictional animated creatures, became popular as a household name in the late 90s – early 2000s. Now in college, kids who grew up with the ever so popular phenomenon now have a new way to experience their childhood obsession.

No matter where you go, you’re pretty much bound to find Pokémon nearby. Stockton University is no exception. The campus has two Gyms and five Pokéstops. Gyms are located at the Steel Drum Sculpture at the entrance of the Arts & Sciences Building and at the Atoms Sculpture outside of the Unified Science Center. While Pokéstops can be found at the Declaration of Independence near F-Wing, the Campus Center, the Unified Science Center, “Big Blue” Richard Stockton Athletic Center and at the Sports History Mural.

(Courtesy: Stockton University)

In a recent update, the game has recently begun allowing players to chose a “buddy” Pokémon to walk with their trainer and find candies that can be used to evolve or power it up along the way. This addition has made me not loathe having to walk far to and from my car as the further you walk, the quicker you acquire candies. With Stockton’s hectic parking this semester, it’s what I like to think of as making the best of the situation.

Now if I’m being honest, I wasn’t super into Pokémon as a kid and I held off on downloading the app for quite some time. But there’s just something so exciting about walking along and finding a new Pokémon. Catching them and watching your collection grow is oddly so satisfying. Also, I have a bit of a competitive side, so having bragging rights of taking over a Gym or catching a more rare Pokémon than my friends is really enticing.

The rarest Pokémon I’ve spotting on campus has been the evolved form of the beloved Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff. Playing is a great way to kill time in between classes and often times you’ll spot other students playing and have an easy way to start a conversation and make a new friend! If you haven’t started playing Pokémon GO, you should definitely give it a GO.

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