NFL Player Kaepernick Starts Protest by Sitting During the National Anthem

If you haven’t heard the name Kaepernick you’ve been living under a rock. Colin Kaepernick: the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, the man who has had controversy follow in his every step because he sat during the national anthem. Yes, him.

(Courtesy: BET)

With police shootings happening on a daily basis recently, Kaepernick has decided to make some noise of his own off the field and create a movement. People paint sitting during the national anthem as a lack of patriotism and a sign of disrespect while Kaepernick sees it as a solid, loud statement for the realization of what is going on in America. He, along with others, would like to see something being done about the injustice that plagues our streets. Besides sitting during national anthems, he has made statements about donating the community being racially targeted by police.

With the abundance of police brutality, shootings, and killings of unarmed black women, men and children going on throughout the United States there is always a time for a protest. No matter how big or small. By sitting down, Kaepernick has created waves through the NFL and all over the world. Celebrities J. Cole and Trey Songz have joined NFL players Brandon Marshall and Jeremy Lane along with countless others in sitting with Kaepernick. The biggest support has come from our soon to be former president, Barack Obama. The best and most powerful support has come from high school and college students who now take a knee during the national anthem. There are also people who have served our country expressing their support for the quarterback.

So, there you have it. Now that you know his stance - Will you sit with him or stand for them?