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Looking Back on My Sophomore Year at Stockton

It’s been real. It’s been emotional. It’s basically over! 

Sophomore year is a strange one because you think that you know all you need to about Stockton. You know that you’re tired of N-Wing and that A-wing is actually an auditorium but honestly, I’ve learned more about myself this year than I did my freshman year.

My comfort levels have increased tremendously. I knew what events I missed out on and how to get places on my own. I also knew that getting involved would be a good thing to do. I knew that writing was my passion and that I should look into it. I also knew that I wanted to make the most of this year. 

What I didn’t know was that my professors would want to take me amazing places! I didn’t know that getting a job in the school appropriate to my major was the best decision I could’ve ever made. I didn’t know that living in an apartment would make me feel more responsible and enhance the amount of responsibility I would want to take on. I didn’t know that there were things I could’ve done freshman year, that would’ve made sophomore year easier.

It’s all a learning experience. I came into sophomore year confident that I knew all there was to know about Stockton but the truth is that there’s so much more you haven’t seen. (Like the 3D printers we have on campus) 

Sophomore year has been the toughest one yet. Priorities were to be managed and the coursework got denser, however, it’s also been the most rewarding year! I’ve had the opportunity to meet amazing friends and professionals. I’ve gotten the chance to explore my own interests and build the brand I wanted to promote. There’s an endless amount of projects and things on campus to get involved in!

Getting involved was the one way, I feel, that my sophomore year was the best I could make it. There’s so many people here with different stories that are willing to help, you’ve just got to take the leap. Know that you don’t know it all and prepare for what’s to come. I’m halfway done!

I'm a music-loving, afro-rocking, soul-searching, wanna-be adult that probably spends too much time on the internet. I think a good lipstick is the key to running the world and tea can solve any issues. Writing is the answer to all my problems. Follow my twitter @naijxsia!
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