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Everything You Need to Know About Chokers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stockton chapter.

While you may have thought you’d seen the last of chokers, they’ve quickly made a come back this year. At the start of 2016, thin, delicate and understated chokers crept their way into the fashion scene. Lately, however, the bigger the choker, the better. Thicker, bolder, more over the top chokers have become super popular so I’ve compiled everything you need to know about this year’s hottest trend including how they began, where you can find them and they best ways to style them.

Trend Origin:

Believe it or not, chokers actually came into style in the early 1900s. In the 1970s and 1990s they became a fashion staple.

This year Taylor Swift shared a photo of her and friends all wearing chokers with the oh so appropriate caption: “I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?” So true. 

Where to Buy:

Most Affordable

As collegiettes, we know trends come and go, so it’s often a good decision to find inexpensive trendy items so you don’t suffer from buyer’s remorse once they’re out of style.

The most affordable place I’ve found to purchase chokers is actually Walmart! After seeing a photo on Twitter sharing the news that Walmart was carrying chokers for $2.99 on average, I made a trip over to check them out and ended up purchasing three. They have a pretty good selection of styles ranging from feminine to edgy. The quality is surprising decent as well.


I’m a sucker for black lace chokers. There’s something so interesting about the mixture of edgy and girly in one. They go with any outfit combination and flatter just about everyone.

If you looking for something a little more dainty and subtle, opt for a wrap choker. They often are a thin, faux suede cord that can be wrapped around your neck as you like and tied into a bow at the base of your neck or styled more loosely like a bolo tie.

DIY Chokers

If you’re feeling crafty, or you simply can’t find a choker that’s exactly what you want, you can of course make one yourself! A quick search on Pinterest or YouTube will generate a plethora of tutorials to guide you on your choker creating journey. When you go to the craft store for supplies, be sure to bring a store discount coupon to lower the cost. 

How to Style:

Any choker will look spot on regardless of your outfit! They’re great additions to any casual or going out dressy outfit. Pair it up with all black for a daring look or tie all your hair up for an ultra flirty look.

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