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Brian Moore Junior ’18

This week’s Campus Celebrity is 19-year old Brian Moore who grew up in West Deptford, New Jersey and flocked his way to Stockton University in 2014. Brian is one of the most awesome people on Stockton’s campus. He loves being here and being involved. Moore, a sophomore, is majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management and minoring in Global Studies. In addition to spending his time studying, he is on the student senate and an executive board member of the Hospitality Society. I sat down with Brian to find out a little more about who he truly is as a student here at Stockton.

Why did you come to Stockton?

My aunt lives really close to Stockton and my parents really liked this school, since I am very family-oriented, I wanted to stay close to home so I could visit whenever I wanted. Stockton is also a very good university, and has a good hospitality program. I basically fell in love.



Brian with Talon the Osprey, Her Campus Stockton‘s first Campus Celebrity.

What are your hobbies?

I like to cook, read a lot of books, be with my friends and family, especially my little niece Brielle, and Netflix and chill (just kidding). I also really like to listen to all different kinds of music. I’m also a huge foodie and love tasting new foods and trying out new recipes.  

Why do you want a career in the Hospitality industry?

Helping people has always been something I enjoyed doing and I feel like through this industry I can help make people’s lives easier through their vacations and giving them an escape from real life; may it be from five minutes to a whole week.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself pursing my Ph.D or just my doctorate in something and working in a successful hospitality business because I hope to one day become a professor in hospitality and tourism management hopefully at Stockton, or another university.

What super power would you like to have?

If I could have any superpower, I would definitely be an airbender.

Like from Avatar?

Yes, could you imagine I could just like, fly wherever I wanted and move inanimate objects to come to me? It’s my dream.

What are your goals in Student Senate, or anything you hope to accomplish in the school?

In my first semester of being a senator I’ve already accomplished passing a resolution to putting majors on diplomas and now it’s up to the administration to pass that. Also, other things I hope to change is just bettering the school in any way I can. I’m on academic affairs committee and hope to improve our preceptors on campus and make us a more globalized campus, improve academia in general as well as including more minors and making our field of studies more diverse.

I asked three people what makes Brian Moore Junior truly special?

Anonymous 1: I think he is very charismatic and is really caring about the community, especially what goes on at Stockton.

Anonymous 2: Brian is like the wind, he’s so involved you can’t see him, but you can feel his spirit.

Anonymous 3: He used to call me on my cell phone.

Brian was super excited about being this week’s Campus Celebrity and only hopes to continue his work here at Stockton University. Go Ospreys!

My name is Allie and I am sophomore literature major at Stockton University. I am super excited to share with you Campus Celebrities and Featured news!
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