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Be Humble Day

On February 22nd we will be celebrating national Be Humble Day. Thats right, there’s an entire day dedicated to practicing our humility. Ironically enough, the origins of this holiday are unknown, perhaps because the person who invented it didn’t want to brag.

Being humble is thought to be a virtue, a positive personality trait and a better alternative to overconfidence. On this day we are supposed to refrain from gloating about our accomplishments or talents.  

The problem with valuing humility is that it becomes associated with a lack of self confidence. In fear of coming off overconfident often we become self deprecating. We refuse to believe compliments, and don’t take any pride in the accomplishments we have made. That’s not to say that there aren’t people who practice humility and still relish in their talents, but more often than not when trying to remain humble we push ourselves down.

I think we should all learn to be humble without dismissing our success. If you received an A on an impossible exam, take pride in that. Landed that internship at your dream job? Celebrate yourself. There’s a huge difference between being proud of yourself and the achievements you’ve made and boasting about yourself in an attractive manner.

When practicing humility remember it doesn’t mean you need to keep your success hidden or nether your self confidence. Don’t fear overconfidence so much that you don’t value yourself. Remember that sometimes you deserve to show off a little- because you did something amazing and you’re excited about it.  

Be kind, be confident, but this February 22nd, stay humble.