American Ninja Warrior Courtney Venuti '08 & '17

It’s time to get down to business. Courtney Venuti, who earned her first degree from Stockton in 2008 and is now set to graduate again in 2017 with a Biology degree, is here to show us all how it’s done! 

With the amazing support from her family and friends, Venuti has been able to be featured on both Season 6 and Season 7 of the popular TV show, American Ninja Warrior. The show consists of rigorous obstacles (almost like a Wipeout x 100) on one course and competitors race to finish in the fastest time! These obstacles aren’t even close to being easy and take a lot of hard work and training. 

Courtney, prior to Season 6, was coaching parkour 2 times a week, training with a personal trainer, rock climbing, as well as trying out general obstacle courses! (Incredible!!) This time around, and for Season 7, she’s trained hard, but focused more on obeying her body and its needs.  

She is the definition of a superwoman! Along with all of this training for the show, she works full time and attends classes at Stockton! This has enlightened her on how beneficial it is to take care of yourself and rest up sometimes. She also says that her boyfriend has been a great help in the way that she manages all of her time. Also, to remember that eating right, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep does wonders! 

The pressure of going through the course must be frightening to us but Courtney says it’s not as bad as waiting to go through it! She is surrounded by a few of her friends that are also competing though, which makes it a little easier. 

“Who I Am” by Nick Jonas was a favorite of hers making him her favorite Jonas Brother but in the gym, it’s all about Lindsey Stirling (an amazing violinist on YouTube) and classic rock! 

Courtney wants everyone to know that if you’re interested in exploring the training required for American Ninja Warrior, her gym is very welcoming! Her training is more fun than a workout, almost like playing on the playground like when we were younger! She can give you some suggestions for becoming stronger. 

Her final notes to us all are that when you find something you’re strong in, don’t quit doing it! Embrace your strengths! Don’t be afraid to be strong and don’t work out to “get skinny.” Do it because you want to be healthier and your body will fall in line!   

 If you want to check out some of her videos, her YouTube channel is the best place for that.