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7 Thoughts You Probably Had at the Beginning of this Semester

1. “I know this is only the second time this class is meeting but THAT IS MY SEAT!” 

On the first day you picked the perfect spot – you can see out the window, your desk doesn’t squeak, and you’re not too close to the professor. All of that careful selection and you walk in on the second day to see someone in your seat – *cue Mean Girls fight scene.* 

2. “I’m going to OWN this semester.” 

Every semester usually begins with the half-hearted and often broken promise of “I will definitely do better this semester.” You buy a new planner and a giant calendar and you start to map out your days, but three weeks in and your bag is filled with crumpled papers and overdue assignments. This semester could be different, of course! 

3. “Is it too early for Pumpkin Spice?” 

While school technically starts in the summer, back to school is the way we reintroduce the fall: dark lips, hoodies, and Pumpkin Spice lattes. But is the first week of September too early to transform into a pumpkin? 

4. “I’m just going to drop out.”

Yup, we’ve all thought it. On syllabus day the professor starts listing all of your assignments and you realize how unprepared you are.  A 15 page research paper? No thanks! 

5. “I’m going to scream if I have to participate in one more icebreaker.”

“I’m Alyssa, a Junior Lit major, and a fun fact about me is that I HATE icebreakers.”  

6. “How long should I dress up before I can start wearing sweatpants to class?” 

Is the third week a good time to begin my transition into full-on garbage monster? 

7. “So how many weeks until winter break?” 

No fear collegiettes, you’ll get through this semester too. 

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