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6 Reasons To Be Excited For The Holidays

Halloween’s over and now you’re just a blur of costumes and pumpkin seeds. Midterms have all come to a close and you’re looking forward to the next big event – Thanksgiving! The time when you’re able to wind down, fill your tummy and give thanks that the semester is almost over (and other things like family and such). 

I looked to the Stockton student body to provide a list of six reasons to be excited for the holidays! 

1. Siblings 

We all know there’s a love-hate relationship with those brothers and sisters of ours. They may have acted like it was no big deal that you were leaving for a few months but we know the truth. Coming home means getting to see them after the sporadic phone calls and enjoying their avoidance of the phrase “I missed you.” 

2. Food 

Yes! N-Wing and Campus Center food doesn’t even come close to the home cooked meals your family members produce. It’s the time when you can pig out without shame and relax! Enjoy it! 

3. Your Bed 

Sometimes the little dorm room beds can be comfortable but most of the time they’re not the picture of support. Going home for the holidays means reliving that pure lovely reliability that is your own personal bed. 

4. Friends 

It was emotional. You went one way and your high school friends went another but, Thanksgiving break is one of those days that’s universal for all colleges. Invite your friends over for the meal and catch up! 

5. Privacy 

Roommates are great! We get it, but sometimes you wish you could just be alone for a few minutes. Living in the dorms or the apartments (unless you’re in a single) gives little room for that! Don’t worry though, going home means having your room back to yourself and even if you share a room, you can kindly kick your siblings out without them being offended (or telling an RA). 

6. Deals 

Black Friday deals are the best of the year! You spend your day eating and eating so that you can rest up for the real event. Besides the massive crowds, getting the later holiday shopping done is always a good time. Plus, you can invite your friends along for the ride!

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