5 Reasons Why Rory Gilmore Is All of Us

As Thanksgiving approaches, we often think about what we are thankful for in life. Our family, friends, and of course, Gilmore Girls. With the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life fast approaching, many fans are scrambling to binge the 7 seasons of the original series. With the intensity of binge-watching, we often forget to appreciate the show, and its amazing characters. As a Type-A, organization-obsessed college student, Rory Gilmore is the character I, and many others, relate to. Here's why:

1. Her love for organization

Rory’s documentation and planning of every facet of her life relates to college students on a spiritual level. The greatest questions in life revolve around what planner to choose— Lilly Pulitzer, or Erin Condren? Do I really need a $50 planner? From planning the last minute we can get out of bed and still make it to class, to organizing what time we can squeeze in a phone call to our parents, Rory’s dedication to the organization game is so relatable.

2. Her undying passion for junk food

Being in college is a new world for many teenagers: new classes, new environments, and a new sense of freedom. This freedom can manifest in going out to parties, or eating a lot of food our mothers would have never approved of. Rory’s love for Pop-Tarts, Chinese food, and everything unhealthy is something many college students are familiar with. The Freshman 15 is so real, but Rory avoids this because of her amazing Gilmore metabolism. Seriously unfair.  

3. Her dedication to her mother

Being away from your parents for the first time is tough, especially when you’re as close as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Rory’s dedication to her mother, especially when she insisted Lorelai spend the night during Rory’s first days at Yale, is so relatable. There are many nights when we all just want to be with our mom, and not in a dorm room or a classroom full of strangers. Rory's love for her mom is so strong, and it makes all of us realize how much we miss our own mothers.

4. Her imperfectly perfect self

Rory Gilmore, though often seen as the angel of Stars Hollow, is not perfect. She tries to do everything right, but sometimes falls short. She reminds us that as hard as we try, we can’t be perfect, and that’s alright. Though we should always strive to be the best, like Rory, we have to realize that sometimes we get B's, or write in the wrong date in our planners, and that’s okay.

5. Her addiction to coffee

Lorelai and Rory’s addiction to coffee is so us before our 8 am classes. Without that fix, most of us are useless. No tests can be taken, no discussions are allowed until that daily dose of precious coffee. We don’t just love coffee, we need it, as much as the air we breathe. Rory Gilmore shows us that college students run on Dunkin, Starbucks, and K-Cups, and that’s okay.

Gilmore Girls teaches us to be kind, hilarious, and fun-loving. While Rory Gilmore does have her faults, she is a perfect representation of all of us who love a good planner more than anything else. Remember, when you're deciding between a party and the library, ask yourself this question: “What Would Rory Gilmore Do?”

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