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15 Things I Learned My First Year at Stockton

  1. People will get genuinely upset with you when there’s a herd of students coming and you don’t click the handicap button.

  2. The loud room in the library is more of a social event than any party or bar.

  3. You will get tired of Chick-Fil-A, you also will still eat it.

  4. Nothing in Galloway is in walking distance.

  5. Yes I am fifteen minutes from the beach, yes I see deer every day too.

  6. Come finals you will be buying out lakeside because you still have $500 in flex.

  7. Sunset pictures of Lake Fred are a work of art, and completely necessary.

  8. Two words. PORK. ROLL.

  9. You probably won’t get housing. Or the classes you need to graduate, but it somehow all works out.

  10. Woodstockton is probably someone you haven’t listened to since 8th grade. You probably still will be fighting for the front row.

  11. You never get wet on rainy days because all of your classes are in one long hallway of a building.

  12. Au Bon’s broccoli and cheese soup on a cold winter day. Nuff said.

  13. After twenty minutes of fighting for parking…. “Eh I’ll try again tomorrow.”

  14. 20% chance of rain. Cue the rain jackets.

  15. N Wing after freshman year? No thanks.

My name is California Watson and I'm a Junior at Stockton University. I grew up in Galloway and love where I live! I have a strong interest in fashion, modeling, and hopefully one day living in New York City. I have a HUGE Taylor Swift obsession and love going to the beach and reading in my free tim.
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