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13 Stages of Going on a Family Vacation to a Theme Park

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stockton chapter.

The holiday season is just around the corner. Many families this time of year plan vacations to go to places like Universal Studios or Walt Disney World. Getting to these destinations can involve some intense planning and occasional fighting in the backseat of a rental car. However, once you make it there, the family vacation may not always turn out how it was planned…but sometimes it’s better that way.

1. Your parents will begin to plan the vacation six months in advance, figuring out when you and your sister are both off from school, how many nights to book the hotel, how much park passes will cost, etc. 

2. After they have planned everything, they will start plotting how they will tell the family the exciting news 

3. They decided to call for a family meeting

4. Once they spills the beans, you feel the excitement of vactioning begin to unfold

5. You begin to pack all unnecessary belongings

6. When you board the plane, your ticket ends up being seperate from your family…so then you get stuck in between two obnoxious passengers

7. Once everyone gets off the flight and into the rental car, it’s time to jam to some music

8. Then you and your sibling start a fight over something stupid

9. After a couple of hours of driving, you’re just in the corner of the car wondering what you did to deserve this torture 

10. Miraculously, you and your family arrive at the hotel in one piece

11. After dropping off your stuff, you get to run to the gates of the theme park

12. And then you have to wait in super long lines to get on your favorite rides

13. But finally, it’s your turn to get on the ride and you have the time of your life! 

At the end of the day, it isn’t really about going to the theme park. It’s about creating better relationships with your family. The holidays are about appreciating the love we have in our lives. Some of us may not be as fortunate to have every family member with them this holiday season, but for those that do, make sure you enjoy every moment with them regardless of how cheesy or crazy your family can be. Make every moment count and keep all the memories you make in a safe place. I hope you have a wonderful winter and enjoy the holidays!

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