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The 11 Types of People You See on Black Friday

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stockton chapter.

Black Friday is the one day of the year where it is totally acceptable to shop at your favorite stores at 3 a.m.  It marks the official beginning of holiday shopping with tons of great sales. Regardless of where you go, Black Friday usually brings out all types of people, crazy and normal.

1. The middle-aged woman who freaks out over every sale.  New bed sheets? Tupperware? Box of candy canes? Board games? She’ll take it! Anything that has even the slightest discount will sure to bring about screaming and yelling.

2. The late one.  This is the person who shows up six hours after the sale, tries to cut in line, and gets angry when there is nothing left.

3. The kid who missed their bedtime. Yes, there are people who actually bring their kids Black Friday shopping. They’re usually asleep or whining because they should have been in bed ten hours ago.

4. The annoyed employee. They’ve been here since 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving and are annoyed with pushy customers, with good reason.  They look like they haven’t slept in years and could probably care less about what is going on.

5. The campers.  They had to skip Thanksgiving dinner just to wait on line for a new TV or video game on sale.  They are super dedicated and will wait as long as they need to so that they can get the best deal.


6. The people who don’t give up.  Before the item even makes it out of the plastic, there are people who stand in the aisle with their hand down on the item, to let everyone know that they’ve claimed it as theirs.

7. The Dad.  He is either confused or not even there.

8. The group of teenagers.  Shopping on Thanksgiving? Sure! They have no problem with inhaling their turkey and mashed potatoes, then going to Target an hour later.

9. The big spender.  Although the point of Black Friday sales is to save money, there are always people who get all of their holiday shopping done in one day and have no problem dropping a few hundred (or thousand) on their purchases.

10. The local mom squad.  You can’t miss them.  They are a bunch of women who race through aisles in their Sketchers sneakers while drinking coffee from Dunkin Donuts to give them an energy boost as they pick up everything they can.

11. The oblivious one.  This is the person who is genuinely confused as to why there are so many people at the store.  All they needed was a Hallmark card.

Whether you venture out to go shopping after Thanksgiving dinner or early on Friday morning, you’ll be sure to encounter at least one of these people. Happy shopping!

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