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Name: Justin Spencer

Age: 20

Class: 2016

Major: Finance

Hometown: Hilliard, FL

What do you like most about Stetson?

 I like the small size of Stetson. Many call it a curse, I call it a blessing. 

What sets Stetson apart from other schools?

I think the people of Stetson set it apart. In my time here, I’ve met the absolute best people here. I wouldn’t change that for anything. 

What are your hobbies?

For hobbies I enjoy hanging out with my friends or playing sports, any kind. 

What’s your secret talent?

I can lick my elbow. Ask me to show you. 

What is something most people wouldn’t know about you?

I’m actually kind of sweet and caring 

Who is your celeb crush?

Oh Miley Cyrus for sure.  

What do you look for most in a girl?

It’s all about the eyes and smile.

Blondes or brunettes?

I don’t have a preference either way. I’m just in to pretty girls. 

Describe your perfect date.

A perfect date would be with a beautiful girl with a great personality. It’s not about what you do, it’s about how great the time spent together is. 

Biggest turn off in a girl.

Ugly feet

What is your favorite food? 

Fried chicken 

What do you plan on doing with your time at Stetson?

Living life to the fullest with some of the best friends I’ll ever have. 

What is your life goal?

To be wealthy enough to impact the world in many ways. 

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