Post-election feels? 3 albums 4 U

After this election I’ve definitely had to distract myself with some rad tunes. Particularly Lady Gaga’s new “Joanne” album (October 21), One Republic’s “Oh My My” (October 7), and Sia’s Deluxe version of “This is Acting”.

1.)  “Diamond Heart” properly opens Gaga’s album with fierce and flawless vocal capability. Almost immediately after listening to the first couple of tracks, you are able to tell she is going for a new style (and trust me, it works.) While incorporating new pop melodies in “Perfect Illusion” and “Hey Girl“ featuring Florence Welch, a more folks-y persona is introduced in “Sinner’s Prayer” and “John Wayne”.

2.)  Venturing away from the goddess of all goddesses, we are now in a realm where the “Future Looks Good” in One Republic’s “Oh My My” album. A picturesque runway theme in “Wherever I Go” and, speaking of realms, “Heaven” (which is my favorite off of the entire album) speaks to a “Young, Wild & Free” audience in terms of steady drum beats and catchy bass-lines. Targeted for any musician or an aspiring artist needing inspiration, this is definitely the album for you.

3.)  Sia’s Deluxe version of “This is Acting” will give you a whirlwind of emotions. From one of the top dance tracks, “Move Your Body”, to an outcry and ballade in “Midnight Decisions”, you may not know which type of way you want to feel. However, if you want to experience both, definitely listen to “Confetti”, which has a pop beat and enticing melodic line. The lyrics “..and the house we lived in had no doors, and it had no windows” and “..but the truth never came, but I know her name, so see you later” are extremely relatable in many circumstances.