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Joe Calascibetta




Name: Joe Calascibetta

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Boston, MA

Major: Political Science 

Minor: Sociology

Pets: Black Lab, named Brady (After Tom!)




What do you do on Campus? 

FOCUS Leader, Greeklife, Active Student, Hangout with friends, and have a good time!  

What is your favorite bar in Downtown DeLand? 

Cafè DaVinci or The Grotto

Favorite Stetson Memory?

Spring Formal 2012 had the best date. 


Favorite Professor?

Dr. Huskey (Political Science) or Dr. King (Biology)




What do you look for in a women? 

Smart, funny, know’s what she wants in life, and isn’t afraid to challenge me. 

Ideal Women?

Any girl who can make me smile, of average height, hair color isn’t a preference, and a must is amazing eyes. 

Any Celebrity Crushes?

Jennifer Aniston, Meg Fox, or Rihanna



Describe your perfect date? 

Make her a nice dinner, maybe watch a movie, and then take her to a place really special to me. By the end, I have to be able to relate and understand that person, connection is definitely vital. 


3 Pet Peeves when it comes to girls? 

Over talkative, always has to be the center of attention, and never listens. 



Sport I love to play the Most: 

Ice Hockey, I grew up playing, played through high school, and when I go home I love to play me some pick-up. 

What is your dream job?

Actor, or Managing a Political Campaign/Senator. 

Favorite song to workout to?

Hell of a Life by Kanye West

Favorite Place in the world?

Blue Ridge, GA

Favorite Restaurant?

Lil Vinny’s Ristorante (Owned by my family)

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