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Five Things that Music Majors Want You to Know

Whether we’re an instrumentalist or vocalist, professor or student, we always work hard but we also slack off in the practice room from time to time…not to mention putting off doing composition projects until the very last minute…. Theory 4

2. We LOVE memes. Of course it doesn’t even have to be musically related…but it helps.

3. A lot of us have super high egos…and we’re not afraid to admit to it. I’ve heard countless times: “Just let me be a diva…” and “eh, I’m alright I guess” in a sarcastic manner after a performance.

4. Going along quite smoothly with number three…so many of us are not afraid to throw so…much…shade. If things don’t go our way, sometimes we push the blame on others and make snide remarks.

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5. Despite all of this…we absolutely love what we do. It’s our passion, our art form, and our way of expression. Most importantly, the people that we meet and have met during our time at University makes the overall experience so much better.



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