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End of Year College Bucket List

Graduation is fast approaching and it is going to be time to say goodbye to all the classes and parties and hello to the real world. Which means that these last few weeks need to be the greatest weeks of your college career. It is time to take this bucket list by storm and start checking off these great memories!


1.     Revisit you’re favorite Frat house from freshman year

2.     Try going a whole week without eating pizza….really though

3.     Attempt to cook a full four course meals for your roomies

4.     Go on a brawl crawl with the kids you first met in your freshman dorm

5.     Go to a career fest and hand your resume out

6.     Attend a game for each sport

7.     Allow yourself a morning walk of shame

8.     Make the best graduation cap

9.     Pass all your classes and graduate


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