Special Senior Spotlight: Linh Nhu

Another amazing special senior spotlight goes to Linh Nhu! Linh is graduating with double majors in Communication Studies and Accounting. If you know anything about Linh or have seen Linh around, you may agree that she has some spectacular fashion sense. Not only that, but you'd know that she likes to dye her hair. Lucky enough, I was able to meet Linh my first year at St. Kate's while being on the student government, Senate. The moment I met her I could feel her confident vibes and her determination to succeed. I've asked Linh a couple of questions and here is what she has to say...



Q: You’ve made it to the last few days of your senior year. How are you feeling?

Linh: Scared but super excited at the same time! What scares me is that I am now one foot out of the college’s gate and the future is still unbeknownst ahead as I am still dangling between choices. Nevertheless,  I know that I am ready to graduate and take on the real world. I cannot wait to apply what I’ve learned here the past four years to what I will experience outside of St. Kate’s.


Q: Tell me a little bit about your involvement on campus since you’ve been at St. Kate’s

Linh: I came to St. Kate’s knowing that I wanted to be involved and wanted to take leadership roles--and I did! Taking part in student government as well as being club leaders were excellent leadership training for me. Aside from enhancing my academic and professional resume, taking leadership roles was a great opportunity to meet new people and make long lasting relationships with a diverse group of students. I also learned a lot about myself: Especially with my role as the Senate Financial Affairs Chair, I transformed into someone who was more gregarious, determined through hard-pressed times and less harsh on myself. I am happy and am incredibly grateful that I was given these opportunities.

Some of my involvement: First-year Orientation leader; International Student Orientation Student Coordinator; Wheel's staff writer on my first year; Outgoing Vice President of St. Catherine International Student Organization (SCICO); Co-founder & Former president of Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA); I was on the Student Senate for almost four years, serving as the Organizational Affairs Co-Chair for two and half years and the Financial Affairs Chair for this academic year.


Q: That's quite an involvement! Moving on to random questions, what would you say your favorite place on campus is?

Linh: It has always been the MIPS office. The MIPS office has always been a home away from home for me. They provide educational support on diversity and cultural initiatives and advocate on behalf of international, domestic, immigrant, and refugee students of color within the University. MIPS provides time, resources and creates a safe space to student of color (or any student, really) so that us students can have a nurturing, expressive and supportive environment. All of the staff is friendly, welcoming, and incredibly fun to talk to. Not to mention that they have free food all.the.time!


Q: If there was a faculty or staff that you wanted to give a shoutout to, who would that be and what would you say?

Linh: This is such a tough question because throughout my four years here at St. Kate's I have met and learned from some of the most amazing faculty and staff! If I really have to choose one, it would be Professor Elizabeth Otto from the Communication Studies department. She is one of the coolest professors ever (I highly recommend taking classes with her regardless of your major!) On a personal note, she has always been there for me through ups and downs and my college experience would have been one of a roller coaster ride without her. I want to let her know that I am forever grateful and am so incredibly lucky and honored to get to meet her in my lifetime.


Q: What would you recommend to fellow Katie’s about studying for finals?

Linh: Pace yourself. Make sure to stay focused and don’t burn yourself out. A great way to do so is to pace yourself rather than opting for the dreaded all-nighter. You can easily pace yourself by starting early, creating a study schedule and taking breaks when necessary.


Q: If there was something you’d like to change about St. Kate’s what would it be and why?

Linh:  Honestly, I don’t want to change anything. I know every institution has its own problem, but for me the most important factor is the community. There is such a small community here at St. Kate’s, and you know that people care about you and they want you to do well. That is what I’m going to miss the most; the community. 


Linh you are going to do great things in life even if you're unsure what's coming next! Now only will you miss the St. Kate's community, but I'm sure that the community at St. Kate's will miss you too, especially in the MIPS office and in the Senate office. Thank you for accepting to be on this year's Special Senior Spotlight, you deserve it. You're so close to the finish line, congratulations!