Speak Out & Be Heard

This past week St. Olaf students boycotted classes and protested racial hate on campus. From a student at St. Kate's who is a strong believer in social justice and of the Catholic social teachings, I applaud you all. Post-election season was a troubling time for many of us, and actually it still is. I recall walking into my philosophy of women class and everyone's facial expressions ranged from loss, sadness, anger, and confusion. Though we did have one student with her Trump sticker and a smile on a her face. My professor walks in and being the class that we are, she starts speaking about the time she had to teach the day after 9/11. "Life moves on and we have to learn how to move on with it," this was something along the lines of what my professor had said. We didnt' talk much about our feelings nor did we allow the opposition to speak on behalf of their feelings. 

Later that day I spoke with others students in the university, most of the math/science students had said their professors didn't bring it up whatsoever. Unlike some of the students who have the arts/social sciences, their professors briefly spoke about the occurence of the election results. But not much was truly discussed. Thanks to our student body president, MIPS office, and Campus Ministry we were able to have an Election Reflection event that allowed us to pray together and talk about how we were feeling. Most of the students in the room after the prayer were students of color. I was thinking, well where are the rest of us? Where are the ones who voted for the winning party? Did they feel they couldn't speak about this at our university? 

In any case, the St. Olaf's event reminded me about the main reason I brought Her Campus to St. Kate's. We like to say we're very open about having conversations, but I see the same people having these vital conversations. Reminder, attending a MN Private College is costing you THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Another reminder, you're at a Catholic institution with a background of social justice, take part into what St. Kate's has to offer for you. Get involved on campus by attending international potluck or any other cultural event going on campus! Travel "worlds" (place yourself in places that you'll learn from your neighbors). If St. Kate's isn't giving you an opportunity to speak up, then let them know that!