Solving Problems with Roommates

Roommates can be a lot of fun, but sometimes you can hit a rough patch. Here’s our top tips for how to (effectively) work through problems with your roommate.


We get it—sometimes it can be awkward to bring up problems, especially if it’s a touchy subject. But the best thing you can do is communicate. Letting issues go unaddressed almost always leads to the issues growing; and you can get stuck in a classic Minnesota cycle of passive-aggressiveness that no one likes.

Be Direct

As important as communication is, it only works if you commit. Even though it can feel uncomfortable, it’s important that you don’t beat around the bush when having these kinds of conversations. Remember, being direct does not mean being aggressive. You just have to be open and honest about the situation and your feelings so that you can resolve the issues at hand.

Handle It Like Adults

Even though it might not feel like it all the time (and even though we don’t always love it), we are in fact adults now, and that means handling our problems in more mature ways. It’s time to leave behind the “petty subtweets” or “solve it over texts” methods we turned to in high school and start working things out calmly and in person.

Use Your Resources

Going to your RA might seem like an extreme or go against your natural reactions, but it can be a real life-saver. They really are there for you! They have great advice and are experts at dealing with roomie drama.