MN Fashion Blogs You Must Follow

During our free time we spend most of our time online, so why not spend it doing something that is valuable? It is now Spring season meaning one of the up's is that we're about to see Summer fashion roll in. To stay updated with today's fashion, I've found 6 fashion blogs from Minnesota that will knock your socks off with how amazing these websites are. Shop Dine Live magazine has opened the doors to these awesome women doing awesome things on their blogs!

Sincerely Cecely 

Cecely dedicates her blog to fashion, beauty, and home decor. It's been awhile since Cecely has posted, nevertheless the posts she has up now are worth the read and for our eyes. Her style is definitely worth checking out. You can also follow her on Instagram and on Pinterest if you head over to her blog!

Already Pretty

Sally McGraw is one talented blogger, writer, and editor! Her blog includes daily updates of many different things from style, beauty, feminism, and showcases other writers on her site. If you don't believe how awesome she is, definitely check out her About Me page-- it will blow your mind on how talented Sally is.


  Style Optimist

There's nothing more empowering than Jewel's story in this Style Optimist Blog. Jewel brings up in her about me page about her embrace to her natural curls. Not does only Jewel make us fall in love with her authentic self, but she makes sure to share style, beauty, and lifestyle things to know. 

Rachel's Lookbook

Rachel Trampel will not bore you, but will keep you in touch with many of her interests. She not only writes about beauty, fashion, style, but also on fitness, dogs, and food! Did I mention Rachel does giveaways too? The cool thing about Rachel is that she has many more outlets from instagram to snapchat that one can follow her everyday style. 


The first time I found out about PXKIN I was so shocked to see who the writers were--women with a St. Catherine's background! PXKIN has a great story behind it, this blog is made possible by two sisters, Pa Chia (P) and Xee (X). Their posts are very relatable, especially if you're a college student; they have fashion, beauty, and travel posts. Head on over to this amazing blog and support fellow Katie's!

A Girl From The North Country

Steph McCoy has a huge love for thrifting and telling stories through clothes, as she explains in her about me page. The best part of Steph's blog is her retro photography, not only does she model so well in her pictures but has a set theme for her blog. One more thing about Steph that one must check out would be her No Apologies Project podcast that talks on moments women go through. Make sure to also follow her social media accounts!

These women show just what awesome women we have in Minnesota alone!