Long Distance Relationship on Valentine’s Day

The national holiday of love, relationships, and lots of chocolate is February 14, also known as Valentine’s day. This day is supposed to be spent with the ones you love. However, when in a long- distance relationship it can be hard to plan a romantic date and make time for each other in person. It can be nerve-racking to try and find a way to woo them and surprise them on this special day. Here are a few ways to make this day one they will never forget, even when you are miles apart:


1. Have a skype/facetime/video-chat date

Plan to have dinner over the phone and watch a movie together afterwards. Eliminate all distractions and focus your time and thoughts on them. Talk to each other about your day; it is the closest thing you will get as if you are sitting right next to each other.



2. Send them a box filled with all of their favorite things

Pick out their favorite chocolates, find a precious stuffed animal, write a love letter, and package it up in a box. For an extra touch, add some fun heart shaped confetti into the box for some extra sparkle.



3. Surprise them!

Plan a surprise trip to see them on this special day. Bring them a box of chocolate and show up outside their window. Go to all ends to give them pure joy.



4. Send a love letter

Write out all the thoughts and feelings that you have possibly said or not said. Proclaim your love for them; don’t hold anything back! Seal the envelope with a kiss; make them feel special and extremely loved!



All in all, this day should be shared with the ones that you love, even if you are not in a relationship. Make your loved ones feel special on this love-filled day and show them just how much you care. It’s the little things that matter.


Happy Valentine’s Day, HCXO.