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Single Girl’s Survival Guide: Do’s and Dont’s For Being a Bridesmaid

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stanford chapter.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of serving as a bridesmaid in my aunt’s wedding. It was my first time being one, and as a single girl, everyone knows the stereotype that weddings are known for. Being the perfect place to find your future spouse. This is a stereotype I quickly came to realize was true for many of the male guests there…

The wedding was a memorable night to say the least. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of what I learned as a bridesmaid:


Don’t: Partner up with a groomsman who is married

When I was first paired with my groomsman to walk down the aisle with, I found him to be quite friendly. But then soon his friendliness soon turned into flirtation! Which was fine I guess..until the MC at the reception outed him to the entire crowd as being married! Let’s just say that when I saw his wife in the bathroom later that evening, things were a bit awkward. Granted, her husband was very drunk. Let’s just hope he didn’t remember how he acted the next day!

Do: Catch the bouquet!

Now everyone knows what catching the bouquet signifies — that you’re next up to be married. But for me, it was about a little healthy competition between me and my older sister. Older doesn’t always mean better, though, and I knew from jump that bouquet was going to be mine. I think all the other women vying to catch it knew that too, because me and another woman both caught the bouquet at the same time! But when the mini tug-of-war ensued, she realized I wasn’t about to let go and like I predicted, the bouquet was mine! I am the champion.

Don’t: Take any experience for granted, put family over everything

I actually had the chance to serve as a bridesmaid last spring for my cousin’s wedding. At the time, though, I was a junior in college and was very focused on my career and networking. I chose to forgo the chance to be apart of her wedding to instead attend a conference at a top-tier tech company. Well the conference came and went, and ultimately I didn’t make any groundbreaking connections or learn any pertinent career lessons. Instead, I spent the whole weekend looking through photos and videos sent by my entire extended family who all flew to the wedding. I couldn’t be fully present where I was because I kept thinking about where I wanted to be.

I am so glad I didn’t make that same mistake this time and chose to be apart of my aunt’s wedding. It was a beautiful weekend filled with laughs, smiles, tears, and best of all, family. They are the ones who matter most in life, the ones who will be there for you when everything else fades away. Even if you’re caught up in the craziness of being a bridesmaid and all the photo opps and the possibility of finding your husband, remember at some point throughout the day to take a step back and find a few moments to speak with the one you’re there for, the bride. This is her special day, and she chose you to be apart of it. Love her for it, thank her for it, and most of all cherish it. Family really is everything.


Chisom is a current senior at Stanford University pursuing a B.S. in Science, Technology & Society. Her academic pursuits focus on the social and cultural conditions that foster technological and scientific innovation. She hopes to work in the media/entertainment industry after undergrad as a broadcast journalist. Chisom's past work experience includes a production internship at Good Morning America in New York City, where she assisted in booking guests for the show and pitched and helped produce her own original fashion segment idea. During the end of her senior year Chisom plans to intern at KRON4 -- a San Francisco news station -- on their assignment desk, assisting with story research and day-to-day operations. After graduation, Chisom hopes to work in either New York or Los Angeles. Check out her work at chisomoraedu.com and vimeo.com/chisomoraedu
Emily is a junior at Stanford University where she is majoring in Symbolic Systems. In addition to being her school's campus correspondent she enjoys going on adventures and calling fairly mundane activities adventures. In the future she hopes to pursue a career.